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Mudança de Cena – Founded in 2001 – is a non government organization whose mission is the promotion of Educational Processes, Human Rights and Citizenship. Art and Theatre is our vehicle to build creative ways to strengthen the Protagonism, generous Educational Processes and solidarity.

Through the Applied Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed and other artistic languages that understand the human being as creative, producer of culture and social transformation, we reveal conflicts, share ideas and search the potential of people to strengthen personal and collective initiatives, the awareness of choices, and the recognition of the desires and possibilities.

Our objectives are:

• To promote through art: ethics, peace, citizenship, democracy and other universal values;

• Develop research and methodologies in General Theater, Theater of the Oppressed and other artistic languages appropriate to education, social intervention and human empowerment;

• Promote active dialogue between civil society, private sector and the state to spread the use of language in artistic projects and programs of social intervention.



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